Man gets $4 million to start Unity Engine and hire 500 engineers

“This is a $4.6 million payment, and I’m making a lot of money off of it,” said Mark Wiebe, the Unity Engine’s senior engineer at 343 Industries.

“The team is really motivated to do the right thing.”

“This was the kind of pay that was always guaranteed,” Wiebbe added.

“This wasn’t something we were making for a month or two.”

The payment was revealed in a court filing by a lawyer for the company, which had asked the judge to keep the payment secret.

Wiebo said the company received the payment through a pre-determined method, and the money would be distributed by the end of March.

The court filing, which was obtained by Business Insider, was made on Monday.

The filing by the law firm of the same name, which is representing 343 Industries, does not include the actual amount of the payment, but shows it was roughly $1.8 million.

Wierbe is no longer with the company and no longer works on the engine.

A spokesperson for 343 Industries told Business Insider that the payment is being held in escrow until the court can resolve the dispute.

“We have no additional comment,” the spokesperson wrote.

“All of the details are in the filing.”