Cisco’s Randolph engineer in charge of network engineering

Cisco’s CEO has stepped down after just six months on the job, leaving a hole in the company’s top-secret security team.

Cisco said on Thursday that Richard Randolph had been named CTO, succeeding Mark Ritchie, who left the company in September 2016.

Randolph is the third Cisco CTO to leave the company, following Richard Fisher in 2016 and David Siegel in 2018.

Randolph, who joined Cisco in 2007, has served as the company CEO since 2012, and previously held senior positions at the software giant’s consumer and commercial customers.

The move comes a few weeks after Cisco announced it had hired an external consultant to work with the company on its security practices.

The move comes amid a series of recent cybersecurity scandals, including one involving the theft of customer data and the theft and release of thousands of internal Cisco network security documents.

CTOs are responsible for overseeing the work of hundreds of thousands or even millions of employees, often for the company itself.

Citrix also announced in January that it would be stepping down from its public cloud division and would instead work with Google to create a cloud service with a different name.