Which tech jobs will be at the top of your resume?

Tech job postings in New York and San Francisco are showing up in the top 10,000 jobs on the resume, according to data from the CareerBuilder site.

The sites job search tool, which includes resumes from companies and job boards, shows the top 20,000 positions for the past year.

Some of the most popular tech jobs are on the list, including computer science and math majors, software engineers and software developers, computer scientists, and medical technicians.

In the past, the top tech job listings were usually from tech startups.

The average job on the top 25,000 list is a software engineer, a computer science major, and a medical tech position, CareerBuilder data show.

But these positions have dropped in recent years.

Job postings have been increasing more slowly in recent months.

Jobs have been trending downward since the start of the year, the data show, with more jobs posted for the year than for the previous three months.

The number of tech jobs posted on the Jobs.com site dropped to 1,619 in the first quarter, from 2,049 in the second quarter, according.

The median age of tech job postings has also been trending down.

Jobs posted in the fourth quarter were up 3.6 percentage points from the same quarter last year, according the site.

“It’s not surprising that we’re seeing a slowdown in hiring in this particular area,” CareerBuilder President and CEO Joe Schindler said in a statement.

“While the hiring rate is not dropping, we’re starting to see fewer and fewer tech jobs being posted.”

Jobs for those looking for a tech career have also been dropping.

Tech jobs are expected to be at or near their lowest level in the next year, and some companies have said they will stop hiring people for tech roles, such as data scientists, software developers and engineers, according

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