Google+ API updates: A full list of changes

Google’s Google+ service is in a state of flux.

The company announced yesterday that the next major version of the service will be the first to include a new version of its Google+ app, as well as a new search engine.

The news was confirmed by Google in an internal memo sent out on Thursday morning.

Google+ is one of Google’s most popular services, but the company also has its own mobile app, YouTube and its own cloud computing platform.

The service’s current status and future are unclear.

Google is expected to release the Google+ new app later this year.

The new app is expected, along with Google+’s other major products, to be released on October 25.

Google has been working on the Google+, Android app since May of last year.

As part of the Google update, Google will allow apps that use Google+ to automatically upload and post videos to YouTube.

YouTube is currently used by about 80 percent of Google+ users, according to a company spokesperson.

The Google+ Android app will allow videos to be uploaded directly to the app, but Google is also allowing apps that run in the browser to upload and upload videos to the YouTube app, Google+ said.

YouTube will be available in several different languages.

Google’s YouTube app currently supports the Google Chrome browser, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS and Android, according Google.

Google also announced a few other new features in the Google++ update today, including the ability to set an unlimited number of video clips, an option to create custom pages and a new “favorite” function.

The “favorite button” will allow users to bookmark a video for later viewing.

YouTube also added the ability for users to add a “favorite to YouTube” button in the top right corner of videos, a feature that will also be available to videos in Google+ accounts.