NASA is building a supertanker in the US to transport chemicals to space, report says

A supertankers that will transport chemicals and other payloads from space to the International Space Station will cost around $20 million per flight, according to the US space agency.

The plan to build the new Orion capsule is set to be unveiled at a press conference later this month, according a report in The Wall Street Journal, and is part of a new program to move the US into space by 2026.

The report states that the Orion capsule will be built in the United States, which is in the process of developing a new manufacturing facility in Alabama.

It will be the first space capsule built here in 20 years, with the company working with the US government and private firms.

It will be able to carry up to 250 metric tonnes of cargo to the space station, the report said.

“A supertankering capsule is the ultimate test bed for a new generation of heavy lift, space, and infrastructure vehicles,” the report stated.

A super-truck could be a major boost to US spaceflightThe US is looking at a new vehicle that will be capable of transporting heavy loads, including rocket stages, for the space agency, which has been looking for a way to transport payloads and crew from the International Area to the station for years.

At a press briefing last week, a senior Nasa official said the Orion spacecraft would be able carry up the heaviest payloads that could be carried by the International Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft.

Nasa has said that the capsule will carry up 100 metric tonnes to the orbiting outpost.

Its first Orion spacecraft was launched in August 2015 and has flown for two years.

The company is also looking at developing a “space-adapted” vehicle, which will carry payloads for NASA as well as commercial companies.

NASA has also been trying to make the Orion the vehicle that can transport astronauts to the ISS in the near future, as well.

Last month, NASA announced that it had contracted Aerojet Rocketdyne to build a new crew capsule that would be capable to carry astronauts to and from the space center in the 2020s.

However, the Orion capsules are set to cost a cool $1 billion, making it one of the priciest vehicles NASA is looking to build in the coming years.NASA is also developing a space shuttle-like vehicle that could carry astronauts and cargo to and fro the space centre in the 2030s.

It will take more than a decade before the space shuttle program is ready for full-scale flight, but the Orion is designed to be able take astronauts and crew to the orbit station.

The Orion capsule would be launched by the Space Launch System, the agency’s successor to the shuttle, and then it would be pulled into orbit by an Atlas V rocket, according the report.