How to get the job you want in aerospace engineering careers

Aeroengineering jobs are getting tougher to find in the aerospace engineering industry.

“Aeroengineering job postings are getting very difficult to find,” said Peter Johnson, an aerospace engineer and the former chief information officer of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada.

“You’re not getting any applications, and you’re not seeing any job postings for aerospace engineers in the Canadian market.”

Johnson says he’s not alone in his frustration.

“I think a lot of aerospace engineers are struggling,” he said.

“We’re a growing industry in Canada, but the jobs are very, very hard to find.”

Johnson said he’s also been told to look for other positions, including manufacturing and transportation engineers.

“It’s very difficult for us to find jobs,” he added.

Johnson said his company is in the process of hiring new employees for its aerospace engineering division.

The aerospace industry is in desperate need of skilled workers.

“We’re in a very challenging market, and we’ve seen a lot, but I don’t think that we’ve experienced anything like this,” he explained.

Aerojet Rocketdyne is also in the market for a new engineering job.

Aerojet has announced it is hiring engineers for its rocket propulsion division.

“The team is comprised of engineers who are going to contribute to a broad range of engineering products, and it will provide engineering solutions to a wide range of projects,” a company spokesperson told CBC News.

The spokesperson added that engineers would be responsible for developing and testing new technologies, such as rocket engines and space hardware.