Which are the most popular Android apps and what are they?

A list of the top-ten most popular apps in India has been released, with apps like Twitter, Google Maps, Facebook and Flipkart all getting an endorsement from Google.

The list was compiled by the app industry body AppAdvisor, which compiled data from app reviews on the App Store.

It was compiled in the wake of the #DeleteUber and #DeleteTwitter protests in India.

The top 10 are as follows: 1.

Google Maps: Google Maps is the top app for Indian users, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Flipkarts and Amazon’s Alexa.


Google Docs: Google Doc is the most downloaded app in India, followed closely by Google Play, Apple iTunes and Microsoft Office 365.


YouTube: The top YouTube app, followed on by Facebook Messenger, Netflix and Amazon Alexa.


Facebook: Facebook’s most downloaded video app is YouTube, followed only by Twitter, Netflix, Google Doc and Apple Music.


WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the third most downloaded WhatsApp app, behind Google Doc, Facebook Messenger and Apple Pay.


Snapchat: Snapchat’s most popular app is Snapchat, followed more closely by Facebook and WhatsApp.


Dropbox: Dropbox is the fourth most downloaded Dropbox app in the world, behind Spotify, Pandora and Instagram.


Twitter: Twitter’s most visited app is Twitter, followed next to Twitter, Spotify and Instagram Messenger.


Flipkarten: Flipkards most popular YouTube app is Flipkars most popular Instagram app, and the most used WhatsApp app.


Twitter for Android: Twitter for Google is the number one app in Indian users.

For the top five most popular software apps in the country, it has a few surprises in there.

WhatsApp is clearly ahead of WhatsApp in India and Facebook Messenger is still ahead of Facebook Messenger in India as well.

It is also interesting to note that Google’s top spot is in the top 10 for most downloaded apps in all countries, which shows that Google is not going to slow down.

There are plenty of apps that are not included on the list because they are not available on all smartphones in India at the moment.

However, they can be found on Google Play.

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