Why Is the GT-R So Much More Expensive Than the Corvette Stingray?

If you’re a car enthusiast, you know that the Corvette Z06 has a lot going for it.

It’s a powerful, mid-engined car that’s affordable, offers plenty of options, and, with a price tag of $72,000, it’s the best deal in the class.

If you don’t have an issue with budget and don’t want to shell out for a Corvette StingRay, though, then this could be a great option for you. 

But why is the Z06 so much more expensive than the Corvette?

The Z06 is powered by an LT1 engine, which is basically an LMG. 

In this case, that means it can push out 500 horsepower, while the Corvette’s engine is capable of pulling out around 400 horsepower.

That’s a big difference, and you might have noticed that this is a car that can be had for less than the Z10’s starting price of $97,000.

How does the Z07 compare?

It’s the same engine, but the engine is tuned for a wider range of engines and has a much larger displacement.

That means that the Z 07 can produce more torque than the engine it’s based on.

This, in turn, helps to improve fuel economy, as the Z 09 only has 300 horsepower. 

It’s also got more power to spare thanks to its more powerful V-8.

That V-6 is paired with a 5.7 liter, 6.0 liter, and 5.0L V-12 engines, which are paired with variable valve timing and variable valve springs.

That all means that you get more power, more torque, and more gas to go with it.

The Z07 is also a bit of a rarity, as it’s only available in a limited number of trim levels.

The base Corvette Z07 comes with the standard Z06 package, which includes a V-10 transmission, a 6.2L turbocharged V-16, and a five-speed manual transmission.

You can upgrade to the Z09, which comes with a Z06 transmission, an LT2 engine, and even a V8 engine. 

The Z07 goes on sale in June, with prices starting at $97k.