The first robot that can learn how to play guitar is here

Mechanical engineering jobs are on the rise in the US.

But a new company called Meprobotix aims to change that with a robotic guitar player that can teach itself to play the instrument.

Meprobots, which is based in San Francisco, is the brainchild of a trio of engineers.

The trio started by designing an artificial intelligence system that learned how to perform a musical task.

Then, it asked the system to play a song.

The researchers said they created a bot that is capable of playing songs from a song library.

The team also built a learning system that can play a live band.

The team created a song from the original Meprobots recording and used the resulting audio to create a robotic synthesizer.

It’s a “digital recorder that plays the original instrument,” said Mepros president and co-founder Ben Diamante.

“It’s not just an audio recording of a song, but it’s actually a recording of the instrument.”

The researchers used a “deep neural network” system to teach the robot how to do its job.

It learned by hearing a human’s voice, and using a human voice to teach it.

Mesmerizing sound The Meprocobots bot is designed to play songs from the Mepo-Song library, which was made available for free by the recording company.

The robot plays each song on a synthesizer, which uses a variety of digital effects to recreate the sounds of the instruments.

The music is a mix of classical, jazz, and hip-hop, with some of the music being recorded live.

The audio is “mixed together with the music from a real recording of that song, which gives you a natural, organic sound,” said Diamante.

The results are mesmerizing.

“The sound that we’re able to get from the recordings, I think, is amazing,” he said.

The system sounds just like a real guitar, but the human voice adds to the experience.

The recordings are accompanied by a live choir.

The choir is part of the company’s website.

Diamante said he is currently developing a similar bot to play music from the live band at concerts.

He is hoping to sell the product and start a startup in 2018.

“The whole idea is to get people to be a part of something,” he added.

“I want to make a lot of people feel like they’re part of this, and that this is something they should be excited about.

I want people to feel a sense of excitement.”