V10 engine upgrades could be on the way for future F-35s

Engine upgrades could also be on offer for future variants of the F-18, including the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the F16, according to a new report.

The report from Aviation Week, Aviation Week & FAA (AVI) claims to have obtained a source of information that could help Boeing and Lockheed Martin (LLM) to deliver significant improvements to the F18 in the coming years.

The two companies, which are also working together on a new jet fighter called the F35 Lightning II, have been discussing the possibility of using an updated version of the V10 engines for the next-generation jet fighters, AVweb says.

Boeing and LMS have already been discussing how to improve the V9 engine for the F12, but it was not until this week that they finally started talking about a new engine.

AVweb said it had received a source that suggested that this would be the case for the 2019-20 F-22 Raptor and the 2021-22 F/ A-18A Super Hornets, as well as for the 2021 F-16 Fighting Falcon and the 2020-21 F-15E Strike Eagle.

The sources said that LMS and Boeing are in advanced discussions with the FAA about the possibility to use V10 technology for both the next generation fighter jets and for the existing F/F models, AVwil.com said.

The companies are also exploring the possibility that they could use a similar engine for future versions of the Super Hornett.

The engine, which is manufactured by General Electric, uses a new combustion process for its thrust and has been designed to be compatible with both turbofan and conventional engines.

Aviation Week says that the engine could be the basis for future aircraft such as the F15E and the 2018 F/E Raptor.

Boeing has also been talking about the V8 engine for its upcoming JSF fighter jet, and it has already announced that it would use a V8 in the F8A-1, the first production jet aircraft of its stealth fighter line.

Boeing is also considering a new V10 for its next generation F-14 fighter jet and is expected to unveil that at an aircraft show in 2019, AVnews said.